One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make is to list their home without preparing to do so. Any lived in home has wear and tear that occurs, and most homeowners lag on home maintenance and keeping things up to date. Doing those things in advance of listing can mean that your property sells more quickly as well as for more money. 


Before listing your home you should definitely take a walk through your home and look for everything that needs refreshing, fixed or redone, and consider asking someone who isn’t as familiar with you to do the walkthrough as well. 


A fresh set of eyes can pick up on things that you just don’t “see” anymore. Over the coming days I’ll be sharing my own thoughts on preparing your home for selling, starting with one of the simplest ways to increase your home’s marketing appeal, and that is with a coat of fresh paint. 

Preparing Your Home for Listing 

Part I – Fresh Interior Paint

Many people wonder if they really need to paint their house before listing it to sell. Before deciding, my advice is to ask yourself these questions: 


Yours vs Theirs 

Did you hang any pictures on the walls with nails? Are there holes in the wall or patches on the wall that haven’t been fixed and painted over?

If so, a fresh coat of paint is definitely in order. Potential buyers like to see your home as a fresh palette to start with, and don’t want to have to hang their artwork where yours was just to cover the holes in the wall.


Colors Create Confusion

Simply color palettes before listing with fresh paint

Is there more than one color on the walls of your house (not including white)? Do you have colorful accent walls? I do recommend painting key living spaces in a more monochromatic theme to help buyers envision living in the space and making it their own.

Time for an Update?

Time flies when you don’t want to paint

If you’ve lived in the home for over five years, if it’s been three or more years since you have painted or if you smoke AT ALL, then get out those brushes. Painting is one of the least expensive ways to prepare your home for selling, and it’s also one item on the presell checklist that homeowner’s can often do themselves, if they’d like. 

Stay tuned for Part II in this series about preparing your home for listing, exterior paint. 




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